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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Catskill Farms Builds Farmhouses and Cottages in Sullivan County

Well, for better or worse, we're bloggin'. My thinking is that reading about design and construction, seeing pictures, watching the progress of a sketch become a home is a good spectator sport, and since we are immersed in the world of contractors, subcontractors, building inspectors, zoning boards and architects, it may just help those who eventually go out and build something.

The one truism about house building, renovation and restoration is that most people only get to do it once or twice in their lives. And the first time is often nothing more than a painful learning curve that leaves you yearning to do it again so all the lessons you've just learned can be put to work. Unfortunately, the house is finished (or nearly), the money is gone, and the lessons have been bought and paid for.

Design and Construction is an adventure - the personalities, the weather, the logistics, the problems and the glory. We're going to bring it to you live - straight from the backhills of Sullivan County.