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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cottage 5 Progress

Our first mini-house is moving right along. Above is a picture of the underground electric after we ran it 18" under ground, along with the phone wire. Red roof, board and batten siding, square columns out front, some salvaged beams framing the front door inside and out.
Here's old man Bill, the excavator. His company Diehl Construction, was brought in as a relief pitcher after we (for lack of a better phrase) fired the first excavating contractor. In construction, lots of people and companies get hired and fired, because, in the end, everything they do wrong, or everything that is left incomplete, is ultimately my financial responsibility - and lord knows the homeowners don't accept excuses.

At Catskill Farms, we ultimately believe we do a good service by buffering our clients from real life (and work ethic/work quality) in Sullivan County - which can be pretty brutal for the uninitiated.