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Monday, November 19, 2007

Heating our Farmhouses & Cottages

Our houses are warm. They are warm because we insulate the heck out of them, seal up any penetrations, and install a thoroughly efficient heating system. While we get a lot of small requests and comments, how warm our houses are in the depth of winter is always a compliment.

Here are some of the options our homeowners have -

Whenever we need to cut down a tree, we chop up the wood and leave it for the new homeowners to enjoy.

A woodstove is a great way to supplement the heat of a house - burning longer, hotter and more efficiently than a fireplace. This is a vintage modern (circa 1940) woodstove at our house in Chapin Estate.
Fireplace ain't a bad way to go either - especially when resparking that romantic flame.

Old school radiators, manufactored in Canada and shipped down here (the shipping costs as much as the radiators).

Lisa and I enjoy the winters as much as the summers - snuggled up by the fire, trying to make it through some Russian literature, not stressing about the garden, the grass or anything else on the 'honey do' list.