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Friday, November 16, 2007

Carr Farmhouse Roofing

Back in the old days, these shingles would have had to be humped, bundle by bundle, up a ladder. In this case 68 trips up and down the ladder - I don't know if you ever lifted a bundle of shingles - but they ain't light, and definitely don't get lighter with each bundle trip.
In construction, many things - like siding, roofing, etc..., are measured in squares - a square is 100 sq ft, or a 10 x10 area. So this roof has 23 square of roof, or 2300 sq ft. 3 bundles of shingles make 1 sq, so for this job we needed 69 bundles.
These boys from across the Delaware River (PA) use rock-climbing harnesses and straps on steep roof pitches like this. It's a good idea, allowing more movement and flexibility than other safety processes.