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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mrs. Ann Vaughn

Polaroid snapshot taken by Mrs Vaughn. Mrs. Vaughn was the woman who I bought the land from in Barryville/Eldred and built 9 homes, - Farm #7, Barn #1, Modern #1, Arts & Crafts #1, Farm #8, Cottage #1, Cottage #2, and Cottage #3.

This photo was taken when I closed on the land. Mrs Vaughn is over 90 and is a widower for the past 20 yrs when her husband Vincent passed away. They bought the 55 acres I eventually purchased from them in 1968. The Vaughns were from Eastern Europe and I believe their families had land taken from then during WWII, so they took their ownership seriously. A lot of people offered Mrs Vaughn good money for this land over the years - and her retort was always along the lines of 'he's got enough money', 'he's a criminal', 'you own enough land', until one day I found out about the land through her 95 yr old boyfriend, and eventually agreed to buy it from her.

Note my Walmart sweatshirt - a thoughtful Christmas present from my step-mother.