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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Weather!!*&??#!!@

It's late November, and too be honest we had a great run of 12 months of weather. Last winter was a breeze, pretty dry most of the year, and a great fall.

But now, everyday is overcast, cloudy, rainy - Construction is like movie-making - dependent on a LOT of factors - labor, weather, schedule, lots of people and temperments, lots of dinero. It's a constant battle against impending and imploding chaos.

Cold and wet - the ground is soft, everything gets muddle, trucks get stuck, dozers and excavators can push around dirt, house framers sit at home waiting out the rain. In all, in multiples more difficult than dry weather. And the real problem is now that it's November, it won't dry out until the spring - there is no purpose waiting for a sunny day and stiff breeze.

It complicates things for us because we have a lot of dirt to move and push on our new project. If we don't get it done (especially septics) before the ground freezes, then I can't sell the house when I am finished in February - have to wait until May when the ground unfreezes and the mud dries up - since this is unacceptable both to my clients and my pocketbook (I would be paying interest on finished houses - big bucks).

Friday we are trying to power through it and 'er done.