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Friday, November 9, 2007

Whew - now that's a Friday!

Last night was the Sullivan County Real Estate Awards, and while we had 3 finalists, none made the grade to 'winner'. If I had the energy, I would post the houses that beat us out. Although it could be argued because we don't pay 8% anymore to the local real estate community to sell our houses, odds are this might not worked in our favor on awards night (but works in our homeowners favor everyday).

Up at 5, to Modern Cottage 3 (Barryville NY) by 6 to unpack and correctly distribute the lighting so the electrician knew what to do when he arrived. Then off to a 7am meeting with the road builder and excavator at our new project - Highland Farms. 7:30 Juan, JJ, and Steve arrived to install the 120 yr old hand hewn beams we salvaged, and at 8am the framers from Jersey arrived after a 2 hour drive. From there, Steve let the sheetrock finisher into Barn 1 to do a little warranty work. Then Juan set some beams at mini-house Cottage 5, and we all met at Modern Cottage 3 to work on trim carpentry and patio bluestone.

From there, I unlocked the doors and turned off the alarms at Cottage 1 and Arts & Crafts so the electrician could stop by later in the day to take care of some homeowner requests.

Then I had to hustle over to Jeffersonville to meet the guys who pump out septic systems - we have a sales contract on the Jeff Lake house, and one of the stipulations was to pump out the septic. Easy enough, but the house is 70 yrs old and no one had any idea where it was. So we flushed some magnetic stuff down the toilet and then turned the hand-held metal detector on and located it, then pumped out 200 gallons of archived shit.

From there the post office, then the attorneys office to sign contracts of sale for 2 properties we are selling and 1 I am buying.

Then back to office to keep Vicki moving forward - only to be interupted by a heat emergency at Cottage 2.

Whew! Glad it's over - lot's of forward momentum - which, in construction, is the name of the game. Now it's time to sit with the Friday Times and have a Jack & Ginger.