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Sunday, December 9, 2007

By the numbers -

Our newest project is really moving along - we are cooking with gas.

850 ft of country road.
1000 ft of winding country driveways.
3 houses well under way.
3 propane torpedo tanks buried and waiting.
3 wells drilled for a total of 1200 ft of earth boring. And boy did we hit water. At Lot 2, we hit over 1o0 gllns a minute- mind you that 10 gallons is considered fantastic.
3 septic systems well on their way.
1100 feet of over head electric feeding the houses, 4 electric poles.
700 feet of underground buried electric directly feeding the homes.

I'll save the rest until I have some more pics.

Let me just say its a bit hairy out there, everyday brings 4 micro climates through the area - icy rain, snow, mud, freezing temps. Not much to worry about from your office - but start adding 14 vans, trucks, dumptrucks, delivery trucks, etc... trying to access the houses, and it's not hard to imagine the chaos of unexpected hurdles being hurled at us as we try to keep on keeping on.

And, if you have been following this narrative for any length of time, you may be wondering how the race between the baby and the farmhouse 9 is going - well, it's neck and neck, and we are working weekends to gain an edge.