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Monday, December 10, 2007

Carr Residence Well Drilling

At the Carr Farmhouse, aka Farm #9, aka Lot 2, here is Peter Kestler drilling for water. Straight down into the earth with his boring machine, - first through the clay, then the hardpan, and in this case, after 100 ft - bedrock. Then down another 380 ft before hitting a Jed Clampett like vein of water - 100 gallons a minute when usually 10 glns per minute is considered great. if the Carr's ever want to open a 100 room hotel, they have the water for it.
Well drilling, along with quite a few others, is usually the risk of the home owner. Most builders will give an allowance for so many feet deep, and then the rest is the responsibility of the homeowner - the principle behind it being that no one can guess how deep you will need to go to find the water. However, as in many building contract scenarios, most contracts specify something like 200 ft, which for anyone in the industry knows is setting the homeowner up for that dreaded word - 'upcharge'. At $12/foot drilled, a very common 400 foot well would cost the homeowners $2400 extra.

At Catskill Farms, we don't play that game. We pay for it - period. The risk is ours. The customers can still have that leather couch they laid away, or in the case of Mr Carr - the concrete mixer he's been dying to buy.