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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cottage 3

If my readers have any friends (or maybe they are like me, friendless), this house is FOR SALE. Amazingly, it's the only house we have for sale, having had our inventory bought up like used records outside a disc jockey conference. We like to experiment, and we like to keep things real - so we stepped outside our comfort zone and did a little Modern. Kind of like the pre-fab, overpriced, over-designed Dwell houses, except not pre-fab, not over priced, and not over designed.
This house is 1200 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, open loft living/dining/kitchen, 2 full cool baths and a ton of outside living space. Lisa said if we owned a country house, this would be it. My electrician calls it 'the fort', I call it 'modern cottage #3'. The above picture features the staircase, salvaged wood rails, and local bluestone floors that are warm to the touch because of the radiant heat beneath it.

When we built this house, we had 'green' in mind - not fake green, not marketing green, but true attention to how we could build a house that used less energy. This house is built into the earth, taking advantage of the thermal insulation, is positioned to take advantage of passive solar energy, has an abundant amount of insulation, a super efficient heating system, and radiant heat on the ground floor.
This is probably the most unique house for sale in Sullivan County in the $300k range. Not for everyone, but definitely for someone. Catskill Farms has made a good living creating niche houses for niche buyers, or, as our marketing says - 'unique homes for unique individuals."
What doesn't hurt this house is the 6+ perfect acres, private and beautiful, or the security system we installed, or the mack-daddy whole house audio system. Pretty perfect.