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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Marching On through the Storms

Ouch! Since the last weekend in October, the weather has beaten us up pretty good. Snow storms, ice storms, rain storms, freezing temps, warm temps, etc... On a daily basis at this point we are needing to employ our best winter weather management techniques.

Take a large 2 wheel drive box truck filled with windows, insulation, sheetrock or whatever have you, add one part solid icy driveway, add one part unpredictability, add one part lots of trucks, vans, cars attempting to access the sites, park, manuever, turn around and you get a complicated cocktail of chaos.

Snow is not so bad, but it eliminates parking areas for the tradesmen, meaning everytime someone comes or goes, someone else has to move their vehicle. The ice that is building up everywhere is a true foe, equally competent at causing logistical issues as well as safety issues. Putting on a roof after melting 1/2" of ice off, construction steps covered in black ice, ankle-breaking divots in the rough earth, soft spots, hard spots, things froze together, cold houses.

This week we were attempting to install 2 roofs, among many other things. We encountered an ice storm on Tuesday, a blizzard on Thursday, and an ice/sleet/snow storm today. Onward we trudge.