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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bad Ass Mini-House - Mini Price Tag

New Year's Day and big snow storm passing through. We also had one the other day - which means one thing to me - I get to tool around in my new 1990 Ford dump truck with a snow plow. One would think plowing snow is easy, but it does take some skill (I'm learning). With a couple thousand feet of roads and driveways to keep clear, the payback on this old truck is pretty quick, since a snow plowing for above mentioned amount of drives can reach $500+ per storm.

It's a great day for snow storm - and I always think about my customers, hanging out in their houses watching it magically come down, with the fireplace roaring (and arguing about who's going out to get the wood, or who forgot to order it in the first place). I'm sure today is tempered by the fact that most of them need to get back to work. I'm hoping they just wait until morning and let everyone else try to make it home today.

It's impossible not to feel foolish your first year up here, when in the middle of January you are calling around for firewood to be delivered. By the 2nd or 3rd year, most people know you need to order it in September to have any chance of getting it delivered timely.

Wow - our first mini-house is really coming along, and the interest in them has been amazing. Small open spaces, lots of land, and small affordable price tags. WE RAGE AGAINST THE MCMANSION.

Below is the gentleman who has signed up to by our first mini-house. Not native born, he is very excited to own the american dream - and even more excited about the huge pottery space in his pimped out basement. Our mini-houses with mini-price tags - a brand new idea in Sullivan County New York. We will finish this house by the end of January, and for those who have been following the adventure - that translates into a 3 month construction period. Yes, you heard it right - 3 months from drawing board to closing table.