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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bella Drive - Sullivan County - Barryville

Some nice anonymous person made up a sign for my new road and hung it out front with little ribbons on it. At first I thought it was Mrs Carr, but then the ribbon effect probably means it was Maurizio or Benoist. Doesn't really matter - a pretty nice gesture.

Bella Drive, newly posted, at 7:30 am, rising from behind the McInnes property. This project is pretty exciting from a client vantage - Lot 1 is a first time homeowner from a distant land, Lot 2 is a writer/food team expecting their first child (and our 1st full time residence after 25 homes), Lot 3 family just sold a magazine they spent eleven years establising, and Lot 4 is a cinema star.

And then there is me - with a beard that went from chic to hick one morning without me even noticing it.

And then a little more polished in Rome, probably 2 sheets to the wind.