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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Builder's Life - Catskills Real Estate

Being a small business, sometimes life is less than the romantic ideal I paint it. For example, our front porch filled with boxes of toilets, vanities, sinks, barn door tracks, lighting, tile and other assorted items waiting to go into Farmhouse #9 in Barryville NY.Or, the broken window resulting from Edwin the carpenter getting a little carried away unloading the 14" hemlock shelving we are installing in the pantry of Farm 9.

The full coverage for broken glass came in pretty handy for this doozy. Pretty cold riding around till it got fixed. I could have opted for the duct tape and cardboard temp fix, but that would have entailed finding cardboard, a scissors and duct tape, and frankly, I'm not that handy to begin with.