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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Carr Farmhouse in Barryville NY Nearing Completion -

The architectural landscape of Sullivan County real estate is about to be enhanced once again with the completion of the Carr Farmhouse near Barryville New York. Above photo was taken during the sheetrock polishing phase. What I like about this photo - as the boss - is how clean the house is. Not many things besides actually finishing a job shows the merit of a builder than the cleanness of the job sites. Good for many reasons, not the least being safety and efficiency.

The hand hewn beams that were delivered by ol' yeller many months ago stand proudly, separating the fireplace room from the reading room. Sheetrock spackling and polishing is not a romantic trade but is critical to the quality of a home.
Cottage red cedar siding, primed and painted in the factory, being installed rather slowly by the siding crew. I would have liked to see this completed by now, but to be honest, there are lots of things I wish for that I don't get. For instance, a day without being aggravated to the extreme by some nonsense, a little more cash in the bank, or the return of the 34" waistline come to mind as examples. Well, at least I have my health.

This house is going to be sharp - the Carrs have done a fantastic job with not only the design collaboration, but also making decisions in a timely manner. As a whole, the many clients we have collaborated with - Chris and Matthew, Katrina, David, Maurizio, Steve and Christine, Tammy, just to name a few - have not only been amazing in their aesthetic, but also their respect for the process and the deal they struck with Catskill Farms.