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Friday, January 18, 2008

Chapin Estate Deal nears completion

Chapin Estate - Lot 45, Top Ridge, Bethel NY. 6000 sq ft of perfect country living. 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, fireplace, woodstove, etc..., etc...., etc....
A quick picture of the rear of the house. Note my full length cover alls hanging over the railing, the debris pile on the right handside, and the rack propped up against the staircase. Not the sort of thing that makes Lisa real happy.
Below, my home office on a Friday afternoon. A little bit of everything happens here. Lisa and I werent' sure if an active home office would be good thing since I tend to work too much as it is, but it has turned out pretty good, and allows me to nibble away at my work without leaving home all the time.

The living room showcasing the fireplace, the duel balconies and, of course, my lucky charm picture of Abe Lincoln.

Me with Bella.

Our Farmhouse at Chapin Estate has always been our most accomplished home. From a design perspective, it is nearly a perfect getaway home due to the fact that the guest wing is completely separate from the rest of house, giving true privacy for guests and family.

Details galore such as old-fashioned radiators, wood plank ceilings, barn board walls, large crown mouldings, full house audio and security, wide-plank floors, fireplace, woodstove, sliding barn door, bluestone flooring in the mudroom - all the usual suspects of our homes except more of them. We don't normally build this large, but for the standard at the gated community at Chapin Estate, this is on the small side of what people are building.

Built as a spec home and finished in Jan 2007, Lisa and I decided to move into it because it was a fabulous house and we needed a place to live after our 30 acre farm sold in Bethel near Jeffersonville. So we raised the price and took it off the market for all intent and purposes, and as is usually the case, as soon as we did not want to sell it, a young family decided it was the perfect house for them (it's a perfect house, period, if you ask me.)

This is the 3rd time in the last year and a half that I have sold our home out from under my wife to be, and while she is quite the sport, I think I better not do it again. Since we are glass half full type of people, we are appreciative to have lived in several diverse spaces over the last 2 years, because when we go to build our next and permanent farm, we will have had the experience to really design a home from the pros and cons of previous spaces we lived in. As I have told her, you got to take one for the team every now again and hopefully it all pays off in the end (it's a little easier to believe these days, because I think she was just humoring me over the course of the first few years, when debt was through the roof, business was a roller coaster and the learning curve still steep.)