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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deal Time - Sullivan County Real Estate

As far as I'm concerned, this whole 'the world is ending, everyone is losing their homes and jobs' thing going round is working out pretty perfect for Catskill Farms.

Today, Rob and Leah signed up for a plumped up mini-house, and Cheri showed definitive interest in Cottage 3. That's on top of Pablo and Ana sending back the sales contracts for Cottage 7, and Gavin moving towards the closing table for his new home at Highland Farms.

February and March are going to be interesting months. We are selling 5 finished homes, signing contracts for 3 homes to be started in the spring, buying an awesome huge open bus garage cum my new office/headquarters, buying 14 more acres (3 building lots), and moving towards contract on 50 acres with an old farmhouse I am purchasing.

It's a great time to buy anything if you got the money and confidence. Appliances, cars, homes, furnishings. Lots of stores and dealerships are offering great incentives since sales are suffering. And once again, mortgage rates are low, low, low. And for the most part, mortgage rates are almost as important as the price of a home. If a household is in the position to take advantage of the slowdown in the economy, it's a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity to buy, buy, buy.

Keep the bad news coming, as far as I'm concerned. In fact, make the news as bad as possible. Seems to be an inverse relationship between bad news and our sales activity.