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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pics of Life - Catskills Real Estate

Cottage 3, entering contract. Cool, modern cottage on 6.5 glorious and private acres. And only 5 minutes from a quart of milk or kayaking on the Delaware River.

Fancy Cottage 2, designed with Autumn in mind, with tree bark colored siding, horizontal horse fence porch rail design, and interior colors like pumpkin, forest green, stained pine floor and simple bird chandeliers.
Arts and Crafts #1, with exterior colors found only after 12 paint samples. Everytime I would go by this house a new 2'x2' square of paint color was woven into what was becoming a pretty interesting patchwork of neat colors.
Anyway, I think, in the end, Katrina and Crystal hit the nail on the head (to borrow a construction phrase).

And me, after I jumped off my galloping and totally out of control horse doing a wild barn dash. (Addidas paid me to wear this shirt on this blog post - Catskill Farms going commercial with subtle brand placement - it actually changes if you stare at it long enough).