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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bad Ass Mini Cottage - Done, finito, completo

Here is Mauricio surveying the finished interior of Cottage 5, our first mini-house. It really has everything a man could want - a bathroom, a bedroom, and a large combined kitchen/living room and dining room. It also comes with 2 porches and a full basement. This particular house is on 2 private acres with a stream. It's a couple of miles from Barryville and Eldred.

The black subway tiles set off the white fixtures complimented by the darkly stained wide plank floor.

Hand hewn beams from my old farm frame the front door and Maui. Notice the red carpet rolled out for him (it's actually orange heavy paper to protect the floors).
As I mentioned, the mini-house series has one goal - that is to provide a new old house at a price point that is impossible to find in Sullivan County. For somewhere under $225,000, these homes will be modest in size (under 1000 sq ft) but more than enough space to kick up your heels after a hard week in the city. What's more, I'm thinking with low mortgage rates, low price tags, great land, impeccably stylish homes, and a great warranty - it might just be enough to think you may be dreaming.
But alas, it's true. Catskill Farms is dedicated to expanding the housing choices for people looking for that much needed getaway.
Or, as Leah says, "It's bangin'".