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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dirt Cheap Old Farmhouse - Barryville, NY

140 yr old farmhouse and real estate for sale in Barryville NY. 2 outbuildings.

Nice lines. Old School.

Fire pit made out of stone from the property.

For anyone looking for an old 1800's farmhouse, we have one for sale. This house is included in some land I am buying. I'm half thinking about using it as a guest house for the farmhouse we are building this year, but that may be stretching the wallet a little further than I should - but, then again, that would be nothing new. I think I would part with this perfect old farmhouse for about $235,000, which makes it a steal - but then again again, that's nothing new for our buyers.

A lot of times I caution buyers from buying old houses, because no one knows better than me how hard it is to get things done up here, and from my experience, most 2nd home buyers do not want a life changing over budget aggravating process as the way to start country living. This house is different because it's outdated grandmother ugly inside (painted paneling, bad carpet, crazy bathtub colors like magenta and orange) but fully functioning - meaning the renovation is completely voluntary.
Most importantly though, while this house does not come with a warranty like the rest of our houses, the new owner could count on us to help them through the maintenence a house like this entails.