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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Farmhouse 8

I remember when we were just getting started and everyone had all sorts of advice, most of it bad. But there was one piece of advice that really still sticks out as terrible, and what made it worse was it came from a NYC PR agency who was courting us. The owner of the agency thought our houses should have names like "Breezewood", or "The Steeple Chase", or "The Arlington", just like all the suburbs around the country, sitting on lanes named "Whispering Lane", or "Evergreen Drive". Luckily, even though I didn't know much, I knew a simple name, like Farmhouse 8, would be more in line with our simple aesthetic and design philosophy - No airs, no exaggeration, no nothing but simple, elegant pieces of art.

Since I've moved, I've been searching high and low for my cd's with all my pictures on it. Just so happens I have this stack of discs, all unnamed, from the last 3 years of business. So I'm trying to sort it all out, and while I haven't found the disc with the pics that I need for my bloggin, I did find the pirated disc of Paris Hilton's adventure from a few years back. I've been looking for that, off and on, for years.

Here's a great picture of Farmhouse #8 in mid-summer bloom.

And then this beauty of the restored farmhouse in Bethel NY that Lisa and I lived in for a few months, before I sold it out from under her.

Truth of the matter is it's half her fault that the Rock House, Swaying Oats, and Lot 45 at Chapin Estate have all sold once we moved in - she's got amazing taste - warm, sophisticated, real - and families can see themselves in the environment she has created. Of course, after we move out with all our stuff, it's a lot of pressure for the new owners to recreate the dream Lisa so perfectly decorated.

This is what the house looked like before I got my hands on it.

Since I've been up here, Catskill Farms has built 20+ new old houses, and fully renovated/restored another 10. What's amazing is that over 70 people live in our homes, scattered around the county - enjoying their weekends, enjoying their investment, enjoying the respite from the accelerated urban lifestyle.