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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Liberated from the Dark Ages

Well, she's gone. Lot 45 at the Top Ridge at Chapin Estate is sold. She was a beauty and I am sure Shannah and Erik and baby boy will enjoy it immensely. If they enjoy it 1/2 as much as Lisa and I did, they will be well on the way. Chapin Estate is a 3000 acre high end project with a couple of lakes, lots of fancy houses, lots of wildlife of all strips and sizes, a snooty salesperson manning the sales office, and lots of hiking trails, biking trails, and all around nature preserve. Pretty neat.

So, no email, internet, fax, access to my contacts, quickbooks, documents, printers during this harsh week of work and weather. We were moving so finding simple things like a pen, or an empty folder were complicated, and finding more specific things like my safe water test for Cottage 3 so I can get my CO and sell it to Cheri proved impossible.

Although, it is interesting what can be accomplished without this lifelines:
1. Monday we bought and closed on the Bus Garage, that is our future international headquarters (or as Curtis calls it 'the bus barn.'
2. Tuesday we sold and closed on Lot 3 at Highland Farms to a family (Hello Gavin and Emily) who are planning to start building in April.
3.Thursday we bought and closed on 14 acres on Schmacher Pond Road, which we have then turned around and sold to Pablo and Ana, and Leah and Rob. We are starting their houses this spring.
4. Thursday we finished the negotiations for 50 more acres, signed the contract. We also got the contracts back from Cheri for her late March purchase (thank you cheri).
5. Friday we sold and closed on the Farmhouse at Chapin Estate.
6. We also had the keep the business running.

Anyway, there's lots more, but I've lost interest in continuing this numerical list. It's over. It was good. And it was exhausting. I have a lot of lists in my life - "to do lists', 'punchlists', 'vendor lists', 'honey do lists' , etc...

Cottage 8 buyers coming up today to review the plans of their house. First time they will have seen the plans.

It's 6:44am, Saturday, typing away in the backhills of Sullivan County in the Catskill Mountains.