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Thursday, February 14, 2008


For all of you who have been trying to contact us over the last few days - we are offline, off the grid. No phones, no internet, no email and no faxes. We are moving, and when you move in Sullivan County, in the middle of nowhere, nothing goes according to plans.

As I mentioned, we are closing on Lot 45, Chapin Estates this Friday. Since this used to be our home, and my home office, a disruptive move it was. Compounding matters was a crazy week of weather - starting with a rain storm the day we did most of the moving last week, a snow storm this week that quickly turned into water water everywhere when the temperature rose to 40 yesterday. And then last night it was super cold and now everything is a sheet of ice. Of course, Wednesday was the date for my cable and phone relocation but since the weather was treacherous, everything was cancelled.

One thing is for sure - Lot 45 looked good before we moved, but after 62 hours of touch up painting, redoing the hardwood floors, doing about 100 hours of misc. punch list carpentry, this house is looking fine indeed.

One thing that is more than evident as I sit in the Jeffersonville Public Library typing away on my blog - it's truely amazing we can build a house in 3-4 months when moving simple phone and cable lines has taken me over 2+ weeks.

Hopefully back online by Tuesday.