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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And we're off!

Turkeys are coming out of hibernation and pecking around again. This batch reminds me of a few vendors I use (not talking about you Mike M.).
Foundation walls of Cottage 8 being stripped of their forms. Just like jello-mold (or a jello shot, speaking of Jello), masons 'form' the concrete walls with aluminum forms wired with rebar and pour the concrete into the forms. After a few days, the forms are removed and wallah, a foundation. Next comes the waterproofing of the foundation, then the footing drains to keep the basement dry, and then we push the dirt back against it. We will only push the dirt 1/2 way up until the wood frame is sitting on the walls to ensure we don't put too much pressure on the new walls.

Mason's old school truck.

Footings for Cottage 7. The foundation will sit on these footings, hence the overused cliches 'you gotta have a good footing' or 'you gotta start with a good foundation'. The 'rebar' sticking up from the footings will be tied together with the foundation walls for extra strength. Foundations take over 28 days or more to reach full strength.

Pretty good weather for March and we are off to the races.

Friday we close on Modern Cottage 3.