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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chicken Counting

I'm not one to count my chickens before they hatch, but it appears Catskill Farms will be welcoming 3 new families to our waiting list, -houses to start in late spring and early summer.

I guess the trepidation smothering the economy isn't so great to diminish that country livin' wishin'. I know it's not for me, - I'm buying anything I can get my hands on (and convince the local bank to finance).

Spring and Summer and fall schedule -
Cottage 7 starting yesterday. Clearing the woods and installing the driveway. Footings on Tuesday.
Cottage 8 starting tomorrow.
Cottage 9 is being expanded by 500 sq ft, and we are starting that in late April.
Cottage 12 is being eyed up pretty closely, and maybe start that one in April or May if everything comes together.
Cottage 14 got a deal binding for a late summer start.
Lisa and I are building a house - the official Catskill Farm - our final resting place - I can hear the gallery heckling now, but this is a promise.
Gavin and Emily are starting to focus on their new home in the woods and applying to get their ornery children in the local Montessori school.

There you have it- the worst housing market since the Great Depression is keeping us very busy.

The local Homestead Montessori School in Glen Spey is quite the place - been open since 1973, on 85 acres, where the kids garden, play, draw, plant, play soccer, build things, tend to animals and seem to have a pretty good all around time.

We also have a few closings coming up - Mini House Cottage 5, Farm 9, Cottage 6 and Cottage 3 all in March and April.

Just makes one wonder how often wholly misleading information barrages pervert our daily decision making. Not to beat our own drum (thump thump) but the value of our homes has never been more evident now that smart buyers are dilgently weighing lots of housing options and choosing us.