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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cottage 6 - The MacDaddy Cottage

Like I mentioned, Cottage 6 has a extra few bells and whistles. Stonework up the chimney chase and around the foundation, board and batton siding, salvaged replaned barn siding for the interior flooring and window/door trim, tripped out audio system, pimped out media dark room in the basement, and most interestly, the dual heat lamp in the bath (we've received additional heat lamp requests since first mentioned). Also, on the porches we are building an open pergola (I know, I hate that word too) rafter system on the front porch (no roof, just rafters for vines to twine about and intermingle with the moonlight), and on the wraparound porch around back we are designing and building an old-school farmhouse exposed rafter system where when you look up you see the planking of the roof. Easier photographed than written, so photos to follow.

Between the ice storms, freezing rain and artic temps, we started to tackle the siding.

Tah Dah - roll 'em - and here'sssss, the stained glass window we salvaged from that yard in Scranton Pa, hauled overland 100 miles to barryville ny, cleaned it, restored it, and then installed it.

King David, gloried in the afternoon south sun.

Going down the staircase, rimmed with 120 yr old hand hewn barn posts.
Not to steal Leah's thunder, but this house is 'banging'.