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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Details, Details, Details

Farm 9 is finished, and the Baby was born - it was a healthy baby girl. I asked them to name it Chuck, or Chuxxx (my call girl name), but they declined.

Farm 9 is perfect - I took Lisa (my girl) through the other day and she had two comments - tight and classy.
By tight, she meant it was obvious the construction details were attended to, and quality control emphasised. By classy she meant - well, it's obvious what she meant.
Which reminds me of a story a few years back when I was caught off guard when someone on the phone asked me who Lisa was, and since 'girlfriend' seems adolescent and 'significant other' seems too mature (especially for us) - so I said, 'she's my friend'. She overheard me and said -'who's your friend?' As you can imagine, that didn't go over that well, and she still brings it up on occasion to prove some point or another.

The Carr's are obviously students of architecture and interior design and the collaboration between them and Catskill Farms (me) was very successful. We started their house in November and finished up late February - meaning a 4 month construction schedule, even when fighting the elements every single day and night.

Barn beam posts and hand hewn shelving separate the fireplace room from the reading room. The beams from my old barn, and the shelves are from a local mill in Beach Lake, PA. They don't deliver so we have make a road trip in old yeller. We went back and forth quite a bit deciding whether to build built-ins or not. Eventually we decided on this design, and the books will create the partition between the rooms. The deep royal blue 3-lite door was a nice touch.
Down below here is a great sink. We ordered from a company that had great stuff -when it arrived we were a little concerned about the innards quality, but it worked out great and I will definitely use them in the future. The georgian green paint is a little washed out in this picture, but it's hot. 7 foot high beadboard wainscotting with a nice little shelf for baby pictures.

And the downstairs 1/2 bath, with baby blue, wainscotting, 5 panel door and simple farmhouse sink and toilet. Also, dark chestnut wide plank flooring really sets the white off nicely.

And the ole clawfoot, great for washing husband after a day out in the fields or the baby doing baby things.

I think it's safe to say the architectural landscape of Sullivan County real estate has been enhanced once again by Catskill Farms and the new homeowners.