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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Farm 9 Feedback

A nice note from Mr and Mrs Carr - our first guest blogotorial.

"Home is where the heart is-

The day we found our Catskill Farm property, I was pregnant, we did not know it until our second visit when Chuck and my husband Stephen shook hands on the deal.
It is so interesting to me how both our baby and our home are so inter-connected. They say babies bring luck!

We would come up from the city nearly every weekend (I know every bathroom stop on the way) to collaborate with Chuck and check the progress. It was an incredible process because it was pretty effortless, Chuck got where we were going with everything and helped make our vision come alive. As the weeks and months passed the race was on to see which would come first the baby or the house. They were neck in neck all the way.

Our due date was March 28, but our beautiful daughter Hadley decided to arrive on March 4, funny enough our house closing is hopefully going to be scheduled for
March 28 (I say hopefully because although the building process was as fast as the speed of light, the banks are tending to take more time these days, in a way building the house seemed faster than applying for the mortgage).

We would like to thank Chuck and everyone involved in building our home and we mean everyone! We will spend many years raising our daughter there, tending to the organic vegetable gardens we plan on planting and cherishing all the memories to come.

Our new home will be called Canterbury Farm (It is lovely tradition in England to name your home) named after my husbands beloved family townhouse on Canterbury Road in in London where some of his fondest childhood memories took place.

Cheers to everyone at The Catskill Farms!

Christine, Stephen and Hadley Carr"