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Monday, March 3, 2008

Good time to buy a house?

It's scary out there - gas at $103 per barrel, a bag of groceries shocking, war, the dollar falling off a cliff, stock market tanking -

Why buy a house in the county? Because not all 'return on investment' is measured through dollar and cents - how does one quantify peace of mind, respite from the urban chaos, and introducing a child to open space and fresh air?

Sure, when the herd all moves in one direction it's easy to jump on board - it's more difficult to move against the crowd, to be contrarian in one's approach (warren buffett comes to mind). Whether it be tulips, tech stocks or real estate, fads come and fads go.

But, in the end, attempting to time things perfectly is a true recipe for disappointment. Life is about living - and waiting for the perfect time and sure thing is bound to be fraught with second guessing.

A childhood is short, clean snow a wonder, firewood and kindling collection a fascinating diversion, big fires in the fireplace, quiet winter dinners, a book, a paint brush, a potter's wheel, a writer's silent enjoyment of the sounds of a house and the trees moving, a cook's patient preparation. A stressed out loud concrete existence is surely in need of some country balance.