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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hard Work at Farmhouse #9

Nobody said construction was for the weak - and last week proved the point pretty succinctly (I just want to put it out there that this blog has no spell ck). Besides being butt ass cold, a couple of snow storms blew through.

So there was ice ice ice everywhere - thick ice on the driveways, steps, porches, walkways, etc... and this was the final week of construction at Farmhouse #9, meaning the radiators were being delivered, the clawfoot tubs were being delivered, and lots of other delicate and expensive items.

Not only did all these assorted vehicles need to make it the 1/4 mile up the private lane/driveway to the house, but we then had to carry these items over icebergs to get them in the house.
For example, here's the smiley clawfoot tub delivery guy unloading the 500 lb clawfoot tub. From here we have to uncrate it (4000 screws per inch protecting the tub), and with six men, coordinate our journey across the ice, up the porch steps, into the house, up the stairs, cattywhompass into the master bedroom, and finally remove the door of the master bath to get it inside.

From here we had to cut open the ceiling of the downstairs pantry so the plumbers could get behind the tub to put it together.
Happy Bathing.
This picture of the living room of Farmhouse #9 in Barryville NY shows us unpacking and organizing all the faucets, sinks, toilets, etc... that will go into the house.

And here's Juan and JJ carrying in a 400 lb brand spanking new old school radiator.

Construction is a hardball sport - and the men who work for us know that everyday brings a test of mind over matter, of man over nature.
The men you see pictured in our various photographs are the creme of the crop, having made cut after cut as I have culled the ranks, hired, fired, and rearranged the business, always looking for that perfect alchemy of talent, loyalty, hardwork and attitude. Most people don't make it, and many times, after they see how hard we work, have no desire to try to make it.
This hard driving slave like mentality benefits one person - our customer. And when you are building custom designed and crafted pieces of art for under $400,000, there is no room for inefficiency, waste, duplication or laziness.