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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rookie Move - Top 5

Like I said before, city slickers moving to the country always have a few embarrassing tales to tell - and Lisa and I-cooling it on a Saturday morning, have our share. What's worse about it - all these people we had to call for our needs had similar 'rookie laughs' - a low, knowing laugh of country condescension.

5. Ordering your winter firewood in September - now we know ordering in July ensures a timely delivery.
4. Owning an unspayed country dog and an unspayed country cat and ending up with 5 kittens and 5 puppies at the same time, living at the 600 sq ft RockHouse.
3. Buying a 1977 4 miles per gallon chief cherokee truck.
2. Forgetting to change my city address so all my country real estate tax bills never arrived for 3 years, and coming within 2 months of losing my home at a tax sale.
1. Thinking that local businesses would appreciate your patronage.