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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catskill Farms - International Headquarters.

That's right - I bought a 2000 sq ft garage with 25' high ceilings that served as the school bus repair garage for the past 30 years for the Eldred High School. While I can use the 3 acres and the 2000 sq ft, I'm not sure if the 'heavy duty lift' will come in too handy. Sounds dangerous, especially to a mechanical moron like myself.

What a beautiful picture - Good Ol Yeller beside the ghetto bus garage. Note the avant garde paint scheme of poop brown on bad white.

Inside is wide open - this pic shows the framing for my 2nd floor office that'll be the dope - casement windows southernly swinging out, metal roof, big phat screen tv for me and my clients to check out pictures, audio, security, internet - space and permanance. I mean, really, I call an internet vendor I use and he has 7 addresses for me over the past 2 years. That ain't an easy life to lead, and even harder to sell to the lady. But my good looks and country charm have enabled me to wiggle through not completely unscathed, but at least undaunted.

Great picture from my upper floor office looking down on all the god damn furniture I own. Seriously, that's all furniture - bought over the years while we were furnishing houses that no one would buy (only because the realtors were too cheap to invest the commissions they were making off me in good advertising - but that's another topic and another story for another day.) I got like 7 couches - macy's, lazyboy, ikea - chairs, dressers, antiques, mirrors, rugs, pictures, art, mailboxes, boxes, armchairs, rocking chairs, broken chairs, typewriters (too many too count - i collect them).
And below one frickin' pile of lumber, windows, doors and siding that we have accumulated over the past 4 years of construction and until we bought the ghetto bus garage (thank you Jeff Bank), it was scattered all over the county.

There is at least $10k of material down there, and everyday we stop by and pick up this or that and it is glorious to a cost-conscious sort of guy (just ask Lisa about my audits of her credit card and my empty threats to 'cut her off' if the liquer store bill gets any higher regardless of her claim that it's 'all for you'). Construction is about managing waste, and to use all this extra material up is just like a dream come true - easy money.