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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New RockHouse Owner Feedback

RockHouse living is unique living. It's tough, it's romantic, it's frustrating, it's glorious. 700 sq ft of fine living indeed.

Here's a note from Julia and Marty, the musician/writer combo who took the reins after Lisa and moved on. Julia said she felt like 'Robinson Crusoe' her first summer there.

"Hi Chuck,Congrats on the exploding business of Catskill Farms! That is just amazing, and frankly, if I do say so myself, I am not at all surprised, and if you will remember, I did in fact, mention this to you last spring as we were closing on the Rock House, that "something tells me you will be very busy very soon." Yes, you heard it here first.Those small-ish houses were a great idea, and having people collaborate on the design is a stroke of genius. They are so cute I'm glad they are taking off. And in this business climate too, very smart. Well, I tell you, when we were shopping for a house last year, your house was the only one we were interested in. The other houses out there are just no good. They are overpriced and pretty rickety. Or they are super humongous. Nobody wants to take care of a super huge house on the weekends. What a lot of work! And who wants to pay huge tax bills for a freakin' weekend house? My fantasy is when I get really rich is to buy twenty acres and have you build a couple of little Katrina houses on it. What do you think? Would taxes be huge on a project like that?In the meantime, we are lovin' the Rock House, I mean LOVIN' it!!! Boy the winter was tough though. Ouch. We may in fact close the place up for the winter, next year, as we didn't get out to Sullivan County that much. It sure was beautiful though. Beautiful and treacherous. Almost killed myself on the drive way.Well, just wanted to say congratulations to you and Lisa again on your great success. We just love our house. It is so well built. The roof was great. No problems during all of that harsh weather.Last summer was amazing, as we were there for three months. I even leased a horse at Stonewall Barns in Jeffersonville.I wish the economy were better out there, we'd move full time for sure.Well, just wanted to say hi. Haven't seen Poker for awhile. I fear she did not make it through the winter. Will let you know if I see her.Best to Lisa.cheers,Julia"

Our bedroom, living room, reading room, music room combo -

And the winter's fury making access a bit arduous.