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Monday, April 28, 2008

Stormy Monday

So most of you know that my good dog Bella passed on here about a year ago, actually the exact same day I closed on Cottage 1, which was sort of a push pull emotional situation. Our good friend Gib McKean, a local real estate legend, was talking the other day at breakfast about this dog. The dog's owner got sick about 6 months ago, spent 5 months in a nursing home, and then passed away recently. So a few of this man's friends, Gib being one of them, were looking after the dog as best they could, stopping by to feed it, water it, etc... but the dog definitely wasn't living large, tied to his dog box all winter, without much affection being tendered his way.

Any way, Lisa and I took him home, without his dog box which was too big for 3 guys to move - plus, I'm not sure Chapin Estate would have been too excited with me driving into the project with some big old dog house hanging over the sides of my pickup, hay and roof shingles flying off the back.

So old Stormy now gets walked twice a day by Lisa and sometimes Lisa and Amy, and even though she is 11 years old, I could easily mistake her for being absolutely no older than 9.

The best part of the story is the owner who passed on owned 4 german shepards over the past 40 years, and he named them all Storm. Kinda like my grandpapa who always had these mini-dogs around and they were all named Pal. Should be a pretty glorious denouement to her dog's life, living at Chapin under the deck, getting lots of lovin from Lisa, and getting to experience first hand the insanity of the kitten we adopted from Brooklyn.