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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cottage 8

It's baby season up here in the country and while cruisin around many and diverse sightings are possible - baby deer, baby turkeys, baby geese, baby ducks and I even saw 2 baby bear cubs and their Momma crossing the road the other day.

The deer are losing their big winter coats, and looking foxy in their form-fitting summer wear. The other week the turkeys were mating (hence why we are seeing babies now I guess) and all the males were buffing their peacock-like plums, looking for a mate.

Cottage 8, our 2nd Mini-House is well under way. This house features about 800 sq ft on the first floor and loft, and the owners hedged their bets by building out the basement with a bedroom, bathroom and large media/cooling-it room.
Another interesting way we approached this house was to build small but splurge on the details that made it perfect - stone all around, cedar shake siding, big back deck, cathedral ceilings. Great value oriented decisions.
Here's a pic from the living room looking up through the loft. There will be 2 sliding barn doors that open up into the loft.

Steps going up to loft made of big timbers and structurally supported by one of our barn beams.

And the Cathedral Ceiling.

This little house has big visions of living easy and large.