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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Walking Storm

I'll be in big trouble for this blog post because I gave my word to never post pictures of Lisa without her approval.

Old Stormy, who we adopted a few weeks back, is feeling right at home. It's pretty funny because now when anyone comes to visit us we immediately need to pronounce three disclaimers - one, that the big log house we live in and rent is 'not really our style', that 'we aren't really gated community types', and now 'we don't usually chain our dogs up under porches.' It's a lot to communicate to new guests.

Here are some pics of Lisa getting storm ready for a big walk. Lisa has probably taken this dog on more walks over the past 3 weeks than the rest of his life combined (my cat just stepped on my keyboard !!#%$&).

Stormy is quite patient as Lisa figures out the harness. I can predict the trouble I'm in, mostly centered around her outfit - cozy pants, white sneakers, leprachan jacket and Jackie O shades.