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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Progress and closed for new clients

In a development I never expected, we are ceasing our marketing and saying no to any new clients. With Dean signing up for a new cottage, and Albert signing up for a farmhouse on 10 acres, we now have a 6 house waiting list, not including the 3 houses currently under construction. Accepting any more clients would only result in disappointing current ones, and that is without a doubt a bad business decision. The perfect element to this activity is that some families are ready, willing and able, others want to start in the summer and other want to wait till the fall - so it should work out perfectly.

Considering we are a finely tuned machine at the moment, and have access to more good labor than ever before (thank you slow economy), we are motoring right along.

Here is Cottage 7 with the roof on, windows in, house wrap being installed on the exterior, and the interior is completely framed, plumbed, heating lines run, and plumbing finished. This morning we passed our 'rough-in' inspection with flying colors and now we plan the fireplace and insulation installation. Turning the corner of this home in just 5 weeks.
Cottage 7 will look familiar to some of you since it is inspired by Cottage 1, which in turn was inspired by a little house on Rt 55 between Eldred and Bethel. We like to keep things very unique for our homeowners, but at the same time don't see a problem reusing a great design. As long as all the elements vary, the houses will remain unique to each individual homeowner.

Cottage 1 had a standing seam metal roof and cedar shake, Cottage 7 has 1x10 beveled siding and a black architectural shingles roof. The siding is being painted moonlight white, and a dutch door is decorating the front door. Cottage 7 changed some walls around and moved the dining room to the rear of the house, eliminated the full bath on the first floor and decided to add a bath and a partially finished walkout basement.
People love these cottages. It's a lot of bang for the buck.
Here is Cottage 8, a mini house, with about 800 sq ft of above grade living space broken into a fireplace room, kitchen/dining room, sitting room, a cathedral ceiling, and a closed in sleeping loft. It's a really great use space.
To allow a little extra room, we are completely finishing the basement area, with walk-out doors, lots of windows, a bathroom and a sleeping room. In the end, Rob and Leah took the money they saved by buying smaller, and allocated that budget to stonework, cathedral ceilings, finished basement, etc...

It's going to be a fantastic house. Cozy, perfect and inexpensive to maintain.