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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, we started this blog about the same time we started our Highland Farms project in Eldred, NY, sometime last October. 5 or 6 months later we have pretty much hit our goals of early spring sales for Mauricio's Cottage 5, Steve and Christine's Farm 9 and David's Cottage 6. Can't say it was all roses - shitty weather, ice storms, war with my ex-excavator Hank Andryshak of HSA Homes and HSA Excavation out of Goshen NY over his corner cutting, attempts at shoddy work and bad attitude, 3 building inspectors, a change in the town supervisor, a meltdown in the credit markets - but we made it. Actually we didn't just make it, we really made it and we hit the spring running with a full plate of excited future customers lined up, good cash flow, and a solid business infrastructure.

And I even had time to take care of a little personal business - Lisa's 5 months pregnant. I've been saying for years there needs to be more Petersheims in this world. Well, I'm doing my part, if a bit belatedly.

I know I've blogged these pics before, but here is sweet Farm 9 and manly Cottage 6 in all their glory.

Tonight I go to the planning board for the first review of my new project just up the road. We hope to open up 7 big new home sites.

Once we get these built we will have built a total of 22 new homes in the Town of Highland New York. That's a lot for this po-dunk town.