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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catskills Life in Pictures

Little Turkey, looking exactly like the foilage around it. When I saw Mother Turkey and litter crossing the road I stopped the truck and got out to snap a photo - interestingly, Mother Turkey started making all sorts of racket and cackles which I initially thought was an alert to 'get the hang out of here', but what it really meant was for all the 9 chicks to 'freeze', and not to move - which was extremely effective technique since you could barly distinquish them from the surrounding pine needles, leaves, acorns, ferns and branches.

I was in the Narrowsburg area so I thought I would stop by Tusten Farms Lane, the site of our first 3 home project, started in 2003 and finished in September 2004. Heres a good pic of Farm 1, holding her age pretty well. This house was the inspiration for the entire business - modeled after a falling down farmhouse in Fremont Center.

And then here, down the lane a bit, is Farmhouse #2, actually the first one that went into contract. Tremendously exciting design, all about simplicity, on a nice 6 acre plot with a huge lake out front.
And then Farmhouse #3 - really classic house, sitting back lazily on 7+ acres. All of these houses were surrounded by a few hundred acres of protected land.

Mother Goose, and her teenage flock, heading out to the pond to escape the guy with the camera.

And over Father's Day, my bro, Dad and wife and 3 of my bro's 4 children came up to visit. Here's Sarah and Marcus playing some sort of make-believe game on the porch.
And here's the oldest, Josh, keeping an eye on his brother and sister while practicing up for a future one on one soccer match against Uncle Chuck.

And here's my Dad and Lisa, talking loudly while everyone was trying to watch TV. Note the teenager on the far end of the couch.

and Uncle Chuck, explaining the finer details of the "Bee Movie" to little Sarah.

It's definitely official. I have gained some weight - I'm calling it sympathy pregnancy weight, and could be just a simple 'taking one for the team' during Lisa's runup to birth.