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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cottage 5 and The Bus Barn

Many Sullivan County construction companies are similar to this beast below - taking their good ole time. This big bad boy is crossing Route 55 West in Highland Township, just south of Bethel.

The office is coming along just fine. If you remember I'm converting a pretty mundane school bus garage in Eldred into swanky office space for my staff (pretty easy since I don't have any), and hopefully create some shared office space down below with 5-6 offices, shared copier, high speed internet, ready to go industrial office space. I figure someone will want to work out of nice looking space as opposed to their basement or some crappy badly designed upstairs room in a converted Victorian home.

This photo below will be the headquarters of Catskill Farms in Eldred NY, a place to sell our very fine Sullivan County NY real estate. This space came out nice - very clean, unique with the sheet metal ceiling juxapositioned against old school wainscotting and large crown moulding, accented nicely with some red overhead hanging lights and a sliding barn door and yellow pine floors stained red chestnut.

Networked with Cat5, audio, high speed internet, southern sun, beergarten out back - you get the picture. Work hard, play hard.

If you remember the photo from a few months back, the lumber pile was much higher. Very much higher. Now all that's left are some misc. items. Picking through the pile every morning has turned into a weekly challenge - why buy when we can salvage. I just installed a window I had left over from Farmhouse 2, meaning it was laying around for 3 years. Now that everything is in the same space, it's much easier to use it up.

On the outside of the office space looking up, cool pic of the exterior of the interior office - the goal not only looking good, but now, in just this little space I can show customers different siding choices such as cedar shake (upper), board and batten (lower) as well as beveled siding, wood ceilings and wainscotting.

And beautiful Cottage #5, our first mini house. The owner is really making it a home - which is my favorite thing to see.