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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dolpins and Cottages - Road Trip

Another road trip to Scranton Pa and the home of Old Good Things, a large salvage yard that has just about everything under the sun from the decades of building demolition they have contracted. Doors galore, stained glass, clawfoot tubs, lights, sinks, screen doors, fireplace mantels, windows, gates, fences, columns. Housed in about the biggest building I've ever seen. I've been taking some customers over during the house build to try and find some unique accents for each of the cottages and farmhouses. Found a nice piece of stained glass for Cottage 6, an old school screen door for Cottage 7, some handhewn beams for Cottage 8, etc...

Here are Rob and Leah, proud to-be-owners of perfect Cottage 8, our 2nd mini-house coming in at 850 sq ft. Now, we all thought the manequin dolphins posed behind them definitely would have added to the flavor of the Cottage, but after a lot of thought, we decided not to haul them back to Sullivan County.

I had dreamed up this house, inspired by a southern Katrina cottage, and then Rob and Leah pimped it out and made it perfect with the addition of stone around the entire foundation and up the chimney chase. The cedar shake sure didn't hurt anything either. I have been seeing it more and more - keep the house modest in size and initial budget, then really pay attention to some of the details. This one has a cathedral ceiling in the living room, an outdoor shower, finished basement, all-cedar bathroom, and oversized back deck.

Lots of windows on the west/south side should keep everyone feeling awfully romantic with the shades of evening filtering in.

Below here the little house looks huge. Good looking too, with the cedar deck, the exposed rafter tails and shed dormer.

Lots of good lines, like my first girlfriend.

and the duel sliding hand built barn doors in the loft bedroom.
Fuzzy picture while standing in the living room looking into the kitchen.

With modesty all the rage, Catskill Farms is kicking it.