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Monday, July 7, 2008

More of the Same -

More progress - More progress - More progress. And that's the name of this home-building game. Any time you are not making progress, it's definitely not good on the wallet.

Here is the beginning of the McInnes Cottage.

And the kitchen at 67 Crawford. Country shelves, plywood countertop, and a dash of red lighting.
Here's the bathroom, which we left nearly completely intact with the original 6'6" tin ceiling and old school wallpaper.

And the exterior. Maybe some shutters?

Simple white shale fireplace at Cottage 8, complimented by a hand hewn beam and some local bluestone.
The cedar shake siding and stone chimney looks pretty good to me.

And then onto Cottage 7. This dining room has a flash of red on the wainscotting, contrasting the off white walls and stained floors and doors. Pretty bold but I love it - it really works.

And we bring the inside in with some beveled cedar siding under the staircase. This is a sharp look - clean staircase, cedar siding, and the red wainscotting in the background.

And the hulking fireplace catching one's attention upon entering the room.
And the little brook.
Cottage 7, Cottage 8 and the old farm on Crawford Road all commenced construction in March, and all will be tied up tightly in August. It's not easy to keep things rolling like this, but it is our primary focus and we do do a pretty good job considering what we have to work with (now, I'm sure you all noticed I wrote 'do do' in that last sentence.).