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Friday, July 18, 2008

Validate Me

Everyone needs to be validated, and it doesn't hurt to be validated and positively reinforced by the NY Times, Dwell, Cottage Living and now, the Wall Street Journal. Old new houses are in, and now these rags are understanding modesty in back in vogue as well. Modesty in the size of homes. Of course, my customers and I have known this trend was real since the first house we built. In fact, of all 35 homes we have built, only one has exceeded the current average home size. Most are less than half the size of the average american home. But now everyone and every rag is talking about modestly and intimate reasonable spaces like the concept just spontaneously combusted onto the architectural scene (anyone remember the show 'That's Incredible', and the episodes on people spontaneously combusted).

Reasonableness is back, modesty is in vogue, awareness of one's impact is considered.

Wall Street Journal Headline in it's July 18 -
"The Newest Cottage Industry - Buyers Snap Up Small Homes"

A local real estate guru has only made one bad forecasting call in the 7 yrs I have known him - "No one will ever buy a modest 2 bedroom house." Wrong!

Well, the weekend is here, its freakin hot again, and we are just about ready to start grilling some burgers. In a most unsettling development, my girl lisa, now that she is late term pregnant, has started to eat meat. It's very strange to see this vegetarian eating hamburgers.