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Monday, September 8, 2008

All in a Days work - TV show interest.

Cottage at Highland Farms taking shape, with a mean ass deck. Factory stained cedar siding arrived yesterday, and soon the house will be looking real good. Took a drive out to Scranton PA to Olde Good Things with the Owners and their new baby boy in order to find 2 unique salvage doors - a very successful trip, being we found 2 old big doors with real iron strap hinges - reminiscent of speakeasy doors during prohibition, or a franciscan monks protected monastary door. Big, heavy and old.

The chimney stone being installed against a bright blue sky.

Cottage 14, day #5 of building. Foundation just a few short days ago.
Cottage #14 - day # 7 of building.

Sweet Cottage 15 looking all svelte in the Saturday sun, with it's new porch defining her elegantly.

And the beginning of Farm 10.

And the beginning of the barn/studio of Farm 10 - we hope to do some green stuff here-, radiant, solar, rain water retention, solar hot water creation.

A producer from a studio called yesterday pretty interested in 'our story'. Bravo, the green channel, discovery - I guess 'this old house' meets 'flipping out' meets 'green nation' meets '90210' meets 'biggest loser' meets 'american idol'. I'm not so sure about the whole thing - so maybe we'll take it baby steps by baby step. Frankly, I've always pictured my name in lights - I wonder if they will make me change my name. One of our probable new clients is a hairdresser so she says she's in as far as wardrobe and makeup goes - so we got that covered.