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Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Old Farmhouse - Circa 1860

We have a whole bear family living in the 20 acres behind my house - at first you would only see them once in a while, but now Mom and all 3 teenage cubs are fully in view everytime I go back there. Today they even had the nerve to climb into the back of my 1995 red dumptruck to steal a bag of garbage, in the middle of the day, while people were within shouting distance. I'll try and get some pics.

Here are some pics of the interior of our old farmhouse now that we are settled in.

Dining room table study -

Dining room study #2 - if you look closely you can see the speakers and motion detectors.

Dining Room study #3-

Kitchen. Splash of red lights, painted wood plank ceilings, open shelves, farm sink, plywood countertop.
Original structural wall uncovered, cleaned up and now used as a place for Lisa's old time saw and candle collection.
And Ruby, near Abe, sitting on the dutch door, watching the sun come in, probably bothering Storm in some fashion or another.