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Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's hard to say what is true and what is not true in today's economy - whether the urgency is real, or whether it's just a way to lessen the pain of those investors and financiers who made bad bets. For all the talk about lack of credit and lack of liquidity, millions of people are buying houses each month - sure, they have great credit, they have 20% to put down and they have a solid employment history. But there is no shortage of people buying things and living up here in the sticks helps us stay grounded in one fundamental way - we aren't bombarded everywhere we go with competing news programs, newspapers and magazines. It's fear-mongering and when everyone is scared - it sells newspapers. Comparing today's economy to the great depression is pretty irresponsible, because any student of history knows this comparision is malarky, and actually diminishing how rough those times actually were.

What's most interesting about the statistics is the media is comparing today's home sales to the early '90's, like when they say 'new home starts are at their lowest level since 1991'. Duh, that was the last time we had a housing correction - so that would make sense.

To get some truth, following the deal action and house closings of Catskill Farms is a great way to get some real information and insight into the current housing environment. We closed 11 deals in 2008 as each day brought more disaster news on the mortgage front, and now we have a deal a month to get closed over the next 5 months. I would venture a close examination of the next several months and our ability to successfully finish the houses, and get our clients to closing will be more valuable real life perspective than any of the rags selling newspapers on the backs of the country's confidence.

So, when all the heavy and exageratted economic 'statistics' get you down, check on in and see how a common business cycle is not motivating our clients to put their live's on hold indefinitely.

Or, as Luther Vandross, McFadden & White and the Spice Girls have crowed -

Ain't no stoppin' us now
We're on the move (You said it, we've got the groove)
Ain't no stoppin' us now
We've got the groove
(Whoo-hoo-oo-oo Whoo-hoo-oo)

Tomorrow the documentary tv/film producer pops in from NYC. Friday, My staff were all discussing our wardrobe for the spot, and of course Lisa has her 2 cents on the apparrel.