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Friday, September 12, 2008

Validate Me - Part 2

Well, the Times validates us now, with a good article on small house living - of course, it could be mentioned, if we were feeling immodest, that we have been preaching the gospel to an open eared crowd for more than 18 months, with the release and advent of our cottage series last January '07.

'The Next Tiny Little Thing'


Lisa and I now live in a smallish house - the old farmhouse we restored in Eldred, NY, near the Delaware River. Probably around 1200 sq ft. Space is valued, and the design needs to be well-thought out to make it all work.

Cool little song from 1970, Stephen Stills -

There's a place
I can get to
Where I'm safe
From the city blues
And its green
And its quiet
Only trouble was I had to buy it
And I'll do anything I got to do
Cut my hair and shine my shoes
And keep on singin' the blues
If I can stay here in Johnny's garden

Rainy today. Lisa and I did a trial run to the hospital over Labor day - the pun escaping us until someone pointed it out. The hospital we hope to deliver at is over 50 minutes away, since we are skipping the closest hospital, Bon Secuors, since it's nickname is Bon Voyage.

Her doctor overseeing the pregnancy is over 90 minutes away, and we have had more than one friend who drove into the city to deliver. Healthcare ain't what some of us are used to, but for sure, like many things, it has improved significantly over the past 6 years.

Everything going fine on the home fronts, building like crazy. I just bought 3 more pieces of land (5+ acres each) and I think I am planning to start building Cottage 16, Retro Ranch #1 and mini-house #3 before winter sets in, meaning the houses would be ready for some homeowner collaboration by new year and a hot warm romantic fire (usually a smoldering, non-flame, smoky mess the first few tries by new homeowners) by end of February.

Just some clarification on my humor - with Lisa's pregnancy brain, she didnt' get my jokes at the end of the last post so just in case it wasn't her brain and actually my disfunctional humor, let me clarify - I'm not changing my name, it's not going to be mix of all the programs I mentioned, and our new client Donna is not being hired to do my hair.