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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Early Morning In October

It's October and last night Lisa and turned on the heat for the first time this year - in fact, it's the first the heating system has been turned on, period, since it's a new system. And boy were we warm. The house heated up quick, and most impressively, stayed warm without the boiler circling back on every 5 minutes. That's impressive for a 140 yr old lady with single pane windows. We done good.

Our construction show is ongoing, all the time, and today - Saturday - is no exception. Roofs, painting, siding, trim carpentry, porch building. I actually had to reprogram the default setting on my construction software so it included Saturday's without asking - since for the most part, we are always working on the weekends.

Charcoal black roof going on at Farmhouse #10. Black trim, white siding, black roof will really set this house apart. Everyone loves this design. It's truly quintessential and a big hit.

As I mentioned and posted previously, we are building a barn with this house. And for those dedicated followers, it will be clear this barn did not exist 4 days ago. It's going to be completely conditioned - electric, heat, etc...- and will serve as a little music studio. it's also going to be green as can be - with radiant heat, solar panels, sun-heated hot water and heat water, maybe some engineered flooring, etc...

Barn and House.
House with big back porch and walkout basement.

House and barn glaring in the morning sun. Those twisty black walnut trees are unusual and pretty cool.