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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Houses We Build

The Cottage at Highland Farms. Big Windows.
Double barn doors in the office.
Very cool black tile with white for the fireplace.

Since I am going to be out of commission for a few days or so while we bring a little baby boy into this cruel and confused world, I thought I'd do a post so you all don't forget about me.

I love this house - Cottage 7 - and the more it sits there aging gracefully, the better it looks to me. Grass growing in, red door, leaves falling on the walkways and drives.

And here is Cottage 15, now that we slapped on the green tone ('thicket') paint. On the inside we are just finishing the sheetrock.

And here's the roof installation of Cottage 13. That will be finished today. Dean the owner plans a trip for this weekend to check it out.
And a nice autumn picture of Bella Drive. Amazingly, this project was only getting started last year, and now the four houses are complete, and the owners moved in.And Cottage 9, the next house on the schedule to close. Hopefully by Thanksgiving. Painting inside and out, and the floor staining begins next week.
Cottage 14 is moving right along, with the blue roof, windows in, electric and plumbing done and the insulation starting today.

Interior is lofty and open.This cathedral space is the kitchen, which should make for some heavenly dinners.