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Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Construction and Great Design

Cottage 9 Interior painting - Thank you Tito.

Cottage 15 Septic installation - Thank you Pete and Casey.

Porches being built at Farmhouse 10 - Thanks Greg and Dave.

The barn at Albert's house going up quick - Thanks Mike and crew.

And the roof at Cottage 14. Thanks Edwin for this Biscayne Blue beauty.

But mostly, thanks Gavin, Emily, Gayle, Albert, Dean, Jeanne, Deb, Nick and Albert for presently building with us.

Although I guess if I am doing shout-outs, I might as well cover them all from the beginning - thanks phil, karla, Angie, Richard, Stan, Leslie, Andy, michael, dukhui, paul, frank, ellen, nancy, itzak, andrew, robin, sasha, tracy, kevin, julia, katrina, crystal, hugh, jasmine, tammy, cheri, matt, chris, david, mauricio, christine, gavin, emily, pablo, anna, leah, rob, jeanne, deb, charles, suzanne, steve, luba, sarah, dennis, shannah, erik, julia and husband, benoist, monte, todd and tracy.

I'm sure this good intentional gratitude will bite me in the ass cause I forgot someone - but it was a good college try, i think.